Angel Investment: Kalea Wear

1.27.20 UPDATE
A few weeks ago, we were surprised to get a call from one of the Kalea Wear founders, who has started a new company.

We learned that, after we invested with other angels in June, the founders had a falling out sometime thereafter. Both eventually left, and the company was shut down in December.

All this was news to us, unfortunately. Mrs. T. and I were surprised and puzzled.

I’ve spoken with both founders. Mrs. T. was able to join for one of the calls. They have very different perspectives on what happened. They clearly have gone through challenging times.

Both founders have very compelling life stories and strong personal attributes. But, their partnership just didn’t work out. This happens. Unfortunately, employees lost jobs and, investors lost all of their investments.

A divorce is always difficult, and as angel investors, we feel “stuck in the middle” between the two founders. How do you reconcile two perspectives that are very different?

In the end, our hope is that the Liz and Alicia one day will reconcile. We hope they can find the time and space to forgive each other and move on.

We’re happy to announce that our family angel program (back 70+ entrepreneurs and donate all gains to charity; details here) has invested in Kalea Wear. It is our 12th investment so far (portfolio here).


We really enjoyed meeting with founders Liz Kwo and Alicia Tulsee. They have overcome many personal challenges and have accomplished so much. They truly are entrepreneurs on a mission.

The company sells high-performance and beautiful medical scrubs. People in the health industry often are wearing scrubs and change at least three times a day. They need garments that are comfortable, functional and, ideally, offer some style.

The company has a proprietary fabric that is the cornerstone of their products. It’s quite amazing: anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, water repellent, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and it remains 90% effective after 50 washes.

Kalea Wear has accomplished significant traction with both consumers and businesses. It’s exciting to see. The founders are very focused on impact. Here’s a video of Liz, for example:

Thank you, Liz and Alicia, for letting us invest!  We really believe in you!

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