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For a straight-laced bio, my company bio is here, and my LinkedIn is here.

For a more personal POV, I am a husband and a father to four children. I love my family.

The major reason for starting this blog is that I write for my children. I hope they will see what their father’s daily life has been like and that I love them very much.

My job is this: I help build ventures. I work as a VC and began doing so in 1998. It is a fulfilling and challenging role. I firmly believe that venture capital, if practiced in the right way, can be an enabling and positive resource and a force for good in the world.

I started a VC firm called Kepha Partners.  So, I now also am an entrepreneur.

If you’re a company Founder, know that entrepreneurship is tricky. You can transform industries and generate many meaningful jobs; but, many years of hard work can result in complete failure, too.

Our partnership has seen both paths happen. We have a team with over 50 years of operating experience and over 40 years in venture capital. Our perspectives may be helpful to entrepreneurs. 

For entrepreneurs to succeed, I don’t think it is about where you went to school or the pedigree of your background. The ones who do well, in the end, do something that sounds very simple but is very hard to do every day: They keep showing up.

8 thoughts on “About Jo

  1. Hi Jo,

    I like that Kepha’s website says ‘we are not like other VCs who wait for proven teams, product etc’.

    Are you open to invest in virtual reality?

    We have good traction – 3 pilot users, one of which is a $4bn medical device company. I put in $155k of my own money and we have 2 angel investors with a combined $28k.

    Previously, I built a Free Trade Zone business that earns $2.3 mn annual revenue and $406k annual profit. Went from 4 to 90 employees in 2.5 years – a feat in the logistics industry.

    Let me know if you are open to chat.

    Best, Ridhima Parvathaneni

    1. Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, we don’t have any expertise in the VR space, and so, we are not a fit for this investment. I wish to you all the best with the financing.

  2. Hi Jo, I’m currently a product development manager at a publicly traded robotic company in Boston. Previously I have been in digital marketing/ecommerce for the same company in China. And before that, I was in innovation product/service development consulting in China. I’m deeply passionate about technology, innovation, and people. Just like you, I want to keep my job as one of my favorite hobbies. I believe I’m an entrepreneur at heart and a elevation catalyst in action. While doing my EMBA study at Columbia business school, I want to start to switch to be a VC. Any advice you can give me?


  3. Hi Jo,

    Kudos to you for supporting entrepreneurs and job creation.

    I am writing from Atlanta, GA, to request you to please provide me the opportunity to email you the business plan of iLendworthy (digital lending for microbusinesses, skill finance, and mini-personal loans for India’s underserved Digital Young). India’s Digital finance is a $700 billion opportunity, and we will work hard to make iLendworthy spur profit/growth with public good. We need your help through pre-seed capital and mentoring to make this happen. Our business plan provides relevant details.

    Please feel free to connect with me as per your convenience. My email: [email protected]

    Thank you for your time and assistance. Means a lot to me.


    Pushpendra Mehta

  4. Hi Jo,

    Thank you so much for your insightful blog!

    In your bio you say “I firmly believe that venture capital, if practiced in the right way, can be an enabling and positive resource and a force for good in the world.” I intuitively think this is true but can’t fully connect the dots yet. Can you comment on how you see VC as a force for good and what “practiced the right way” means for you?

    Asking b/c I’m contemplating a career change and perform best (and am happiest) when I feel my work has moral impact.


    1. Just to be honest, straight-forward and not waste the entrepreneur’s time. And, once on the Board, make introductions to recruits, customers and strategic partners.

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