A Moment in Time

Chapel at Le Château Du Brueil
(by E.R. Tango)

We fortunately had a very smooth flight back home. We are glad to be back at our house, but are feeling a bit subdued, as we miss our Backroads guides and the other families with whom we grew very close while biking in France.

But, that is the price of friendship, I told my children. It is fun to be together, and it can be difficult to part ways. It is OK to “name it” and say that you’re sad to be apart from new friends. It would be worse to deny/suppress those feelings.

For me, I prefer to think of it as “until we meet again” as opposed to “goodbye.” I think it would really suck if I never saw those people again, frankly. But, this is where technology becomes handy.

Our group is now starting a shared Dropbox folder, with which to share photos. A number have been uploaded already, and they really do make me smile. It is said that a picture says a thousand words, and I find that to be so true. You see an image from a wonderful prior time, and your brain recalls that moment and the emotions wrapped up with it.

I find the brain fascinating in that way. We process our environment serially with our left brains, but in parallel fashion with our right brains. The left brain can store items and see them as “in the past,” whilst the right brain can recall images and have them seem as though they were “in the present.” It’s why seeing a photo can bring back a wonderful rush. Photos can trigger memories which then in turn recall emotional states. Our right brains let us do that.

Photos are really powerful. I can recall some early-childhood memories because an old photo anchors them. I think that is why it’s important for parents to take photos of their children. Those photos will help their children recall those moments.

I’ll end this post be referring to the painting up top. It’s an amazing watercolor my wife painted. She really captures the chapel at Château du Breuil, where we first stayed on the biking trip.

But, she does more than that. She captures not just a place, but a vibe and particular state of mind. It was the beginning of our trip, and everyone was eager to start cycling. We were in awe of the beauty of the château. Our group was just getting to know each other. Everything seemed fresh, energetic and exciting.

With that painting, she captures a very precious moment in time.

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