A Piece of Art

I just bought my first piece of art. A friend, James Cooke, built a one-of-a-kind desk lamp for me.  Here’s a picture of it.


I’m writing about this because I’m very grateful for the insane creativity and amount of work.  I’m also writing this because I think it’s important to support artists in our community.

The lamp is a very cool piece of work that brings together nature and tech.  James sourced an old industrial baking “whip”  and used a piece of petrified wood as the lamp’s base. It was challenging to build. Drilling into the petrified wood, for example, took five hours with a hand drill and a diamond bit. For the lighting source, he used an eco-friendly 1 watt LED light, which is meant to last a lifetime.

He also hand-sanded an acrylic rod to help project and channel the light source. Oh, and there’s no switch; he connected it all with a remote control and timer. It’s all very cool.

Unique creativity is so awesome to behold.  Thank you, James!

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