A Quiet Morning

We are up in Vermont for Presidents’ weekend. It right now is below 0 °F. The wind chill low, on Sunday morning, will make it feel like -39 °F. 

We are staying at a lodge. I awoke at 4 am and went to the lobby. No one was around. Everything was quiet. 

Coffee wasn’t available until 7 am, and so, I have checked email and am now just hanging out, reading. A staff member fired up the fireplace at 6 am, and it was a welcome opportunity to chat with someone. And, to have this warm up things:


Mrs. T. and the children are still asleep. If I were home, I’d be making some fly fishing flies, paying bills, or at the gym. Or, thinking of a menu for tonight.

I’m not sure what we are going to do today without skiing to fill our day. A day of leisure, with no obligations, chores, or responsibilities. Admittedly, I have to force my brain to slow down.

Right now, I’m content to read and await the day to start. I know how fortunate we are to have a getaway and have a lodge staff care for us.

It is a long way from Brooklyn.

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