A Rant: Immigration Reform

This is a political rant.  You’ve been warned.

The President’s move on immigration, which he is announcing tonight, is politically brilliant, IMO. He immediately goes on offense to try to drive a wedge between minorities and the Republicans. I suspect he hopes this will better position his party for the 2016 elections, particularly when The Big Prize, the Presidency, is up for grabs.

I’m sure the political consultants have done their polling to show that this is an effective strategy. Moreover, the NY Times recently published this article, which is that the Hispanic vote for the GOP is a “nice to have,” not a “must have.” So, to score points with their base, Republicans can afford to push back on immigration reform.

That’s all fine for 2016, but I ask this: who is looking out for our nation’s long-term needs? I can understand short-term politics but what about long-term policy?

Maybe I was naive, but I really had hoped that the President and Congress could find some common ground on some important issues. But, he’s going on offense and now the Republicans are saying that his executive orders will affect other issues.

Frankly, we need leaders with a long-term time horizon, and we’re not getting it right now. Frustrating.

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