A Saturday Snowstorm


About 6″ of snow fell today. I went fishing today during the storm. Conditions actually weren’t that bad, and I saw only one other angler.

I hooked and landed two trout. A video of a 17″ one is at the bottom (or, click here). I caught it on a size 32 hook, which is the smallest you can buy. They are a pain to tie given how miniscule they are. But, small midges are a major food source for fish during winter. I find it ironic that the bigger fish today was caught on the smallest fly you can fish.

A good day.

3 thoughts on “A Saturday Snowstorm

  1. I live in Pa. fish Clarks and Stoney Creeks around Harrisburg.. They are mountain creeks Clarks comes from a resevoir and Stoney is a limestone creek.

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