An Autumn Saturday

It’s autumn in New England. The leaves are turning, the breezes are becoming crisp, and the sounds of soccer and football are in the air.

I awoke super-early to fit in a 1/2 day of fishing. It was fun. A day for small flies. Caught a 17″ rainbow on a tiny size 28 dry fly (photo of the fly, and the bugs in the water, is up top). A total head rush. Landed quite a few others.

I then finalized a term sheet for a new investment and saw our youngest child score a goal. First season with youth soccer, and first goal. Then, one of our CEOs called to discuss Q3’s results.

Now, I’m doing laundry, blogging, and catching up on emails and social media.

Tonight, we will have pizza. I’ve opened a bottle of Grüner VeltlinerA quiet evening after a full day of activity. Am feeling very grateful.

Have a great weekend!

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