An Entrepreneur from the 16th Century

Last week, I went on a business trip. I had some time in the morning, and so, I went to morning Mass. I am glad I did.

That day, the Church was remembering St. Vincent de Paul. He lived in the 16th century. He was a man with a very explosive and bad temper. But, he had a soft spot for the poor and devoted his life to helping them.

In fact, he started a movement that then spread around the world. Today, most Catholic parishes have a Vincent de Paul Society, an organization that helps the poor. Centuries later, his work continues.

I have friends who run the society at our parish. They have so many heartbreaking stories of families on the edge and about to lose their homes. We live in an affluent town. They say these families look like everybody else from the outside. You could run into these people at the grocery store and not guess that there was something very wrong.

So, I write about this for two reasons. First, I think that St. Vincent de Paul was an entrepreneur. In spite of personal weaknesses, he rose above himself and tried to have an impact.

Second, please consider giving to the St. Vincent de Paul society. More here. So many people are facing harsh economic realities.

3 thoughts on “An Entrepreneur from the 16th Century

  1. This is horrible. Typical failure of Christians to realize that business and religion do not mix. The New Testament makes it clear that these are totally incompatible ways of viewing the world. The Christian is called to leave their nets and follow Christ, to live without a thought to their own material comforts and to help people focus on matters of the soul. Please don’t use the word “entrepreneur” to describe the life of a saint. Its insulting. An entrepreneur exists only to maximize their profit. Today, its dressed up as social justice, self-exploration, and knowledge. But the entrepreneur is still largely someone guiding the world into capitalist banality rather than offering them genuine satiation…

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