An interesting weekend

One of our investors invited me to attend their annual retreat, which occurred this weekend. They asked me to speak about VC trends and investment themes.

This investor has a very unique and special structure. Basically a number of very wealthy families came together and jointly hired an elite investment staff to invest their capital and pick investment managers. They also are trying to coordinate on their charitable giving.

Periodically, the families get together, invite some speakers and have a discussion. This weekend, some well known retired politicians came to talk about the current economic and political environment in the US. They also brought in some speakers from the non-profit sector, including some folks who have successfully helped many poor youths go to college and get meaningful jobs.

Now I don’t hang out with many billionaires, and so, I didn’t know what to expect. Secret handshakes? Black tie evening wear?

I was struck with how thoughtful, kind and warm everyone was. So genuine. I also was impressed with how these families wanted to help improve our nation and do more for the poor and uneducated.

I was inspired and feel very privileged that Kepha’s efforts can hopefully contribute to reducing poverty. It’s humbling.

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