I love the fall season. Football, soccer, kids back in school.

Though we in New England technically are in summer, the signs of autumn are growing. Leaves are starting to turn and the morning air is chilly.

Soon enough, the scent of smoke from fireplaces will permeate weekend mornings.

I think I will cook a nice braise for Sunday Dinner. I’m curious how the Colts will fare today at Buffalo. The Bills seem reinvigorated and Rex Ryan knows how to beat the Patriots. I hope the Broncos crush the Ravens (who started DeflateGate FrameGate by calling the Colts).

Autumn also is a good time for fishing. Some trout spawn in October and the eggs in the water up activity for all fish, as there will be an abundant and nutritious food source.

Here is a trifecta of trout I caught Saturday: rainbow, brook, and brown. As fall comes, their colors are starting to become more vibrant.

Leaves change colors in autumn. Trout do, too.


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