6 Months of Blogging: My Thoughts

I started blogging in February on a lark. I read a bio on Steve Jobs and thought it would be a great idea to leave behind a record for my children, once I’ve passed.

Frankly, I wasn’t sure if it was “good for business” as a VC, but it was worth a shot. In fact, I didn’t expense to the firm the set-up and maintenance of jtangoVC.com. I have paid for it myself.

Six months in, I’ve concluded that blogging is fun, my family loves reading about my job, and there’s some help to Kepha, but not much.

But, I will keep blogging. I wrote a great deal in high school and college, the usual journalism stuff. Also, I wrote a lot of fiction and took many creative writing courses. But, once I jumped into the working world, I stopped writing. My life filled up with meetings, emails, PowerPoints, and the like.

I’ve now learned that I missed writing. It’s a great release. Other than cooking and sampling wine and Bourbon, it’s the only creative thing I do. (After reading this post, The Good Wife said: “Sampling alcohol is not creative.”) I’ve also met so many awesome people, who have come up to me (or written) that they read my blog.

So, thank you to all for your encouragement. I will keep writing.

8 thoughts on “6 Months of Blogging: My Thoughts

  1. Hi Jo – In the end I think the first reward for any kind of creative or artistic endeavor is the personal reward one gets, so if it’s rewarding for you, you should keep doing it. It is a great way of clarifying one’s own thoughts about something, even if nobody else ever read it.

    I’d also suggest that the benefits to Kepha will come. It takes time to develop an audience and a body of work (and it takes time to start to rank well in Google so that people find you). Keep ’em coming. I’m enjoying them!

  2. Keep it up Jo! Always enjoy hearing what you are thinking about and learning about the VC business. Thanks also for sharing the philanthropy framework the other day – like everything you do, thoughtful and high integrity.

  3. Jo, this is one of the best VC-blogs around, and you will see in a few years how beneficial to your VC business it will be.

    Keep at it, you’re doing an amazing job.

  4. Please continue to blog. I think your POV and honesty is refreshing. A lot of VC blogs suffer from the pure firm PR standpoint and/or blogging to seem less VC (i.e. the VC that wears hoodies and flip flops to fit in). As a reader, I just want to hear the truth, whether good or bad, to educate myself and grow. I think I’ve said this before, but if you’ve met Jo and had any interactions, his blog is a great representation of what you get!

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