‘Brains & Bliss’: My Talk at the MassTLC unConference

As a VC, one of my jobs is to answer this question: which entrepreneurs will succeed and who will not?

The answers are not obvious, IMO. I don’t find that success is linked to race, gender, education level or family background. I do think, however, that success is linked to grit and the ability to be happy amid massive challenges.

So, I am on a perpetual quest to answer the following questions: What causes persistence? In the face of unexpected obstacles, why do some keep trying and others get discouraged? How do you stay happy and strong at all times?

Luckily, there’s a literal flood of new findings coming online in the neuroscience field, as brain imagery technology becomes ubiquitous. And, many findings apply to start-ups.

So, I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned at the upcoming Nov. 1 MassTLC unConference. I’ll be co-leading a session called “Brains & Bliss: How to Build Happier and More Productive Teams.” Here’s the write-up:

What does cutting-edge neuroscience research say about what causes happiness? And, how can the entrepreneur leverage that factbase to build a high-performing team? VC Jo Tango and Exec. Coach Anne Mitchell will moderate this fun, intriguing and impact-ful session.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a discounted $45 fee. Hurry, as the deadline is this Friday, Oct. 25.

The MassTLC unConference is a hugely energetic and valuable gathering each year, and with Gail Goodman, Matt Lauzon and Sara Fraim in charge, it’s going to be another great event.

Video on the conference below (or, click here).

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