‘Choice Overload’

Recently, I listened to an interesting podcast about “choice overload” (link here). Dr. Laurie Santos explains what the data show: making too many decisions creates unhappiness.

The paradox of choice is that more choice can lead to a latter realization that “less is more,” that choice today may lead you to less choice.

Some years ago, I ran into one of our entrepreneurs, who had streamlined his wardrobe in order to save time and mental energy.

Since speaking with him, I’ve adopted the same approach. I own multiple sets of the same shirts and pants. It’s all (I think!) color coordinated. I spend almost no time deciding on something that I don’t consider important to me. I also spend little time on wardrobe shopping.

Having an abundance of choice in a consumerist society is very much a “First World” phenomenon. It reminds me of the opening scene of the Happy movie (trailer at the bottom of this post), in which the narrators interview a poor, manual laborer in India, who talks about how happy he is because he is surrounded by family and friends.

I hope you listen to the podcast. Again, here is the link.

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