Climate Change

On Saturday morning, I went to a discussion forum. It was at the HQ of MassWildlife, the agency responsible for caring for our trout waters. They had a series of presentations, all of which were fascinating.

One speaker focused on climate change. She reported that 30% of coldwater fisheries already have been lost, and, by the end of this century, Massachusetts will likely have the climate of today’s South Carolina. She presented in a matter-of-fact tone and stated that all of the models are projecting roughly the same outcome. The timing may vary slightly, but 60% to 90% of coldwater fisheries in the Commonwealth will no longer exist.

I immediately texted Mrs. T. and all of our children. I’ve downsized my car, and we last year installed solar panels. We also use well water to hydrate our lawn.

If you believe that climate change is natural and not caused by humans, you may want to listen to this podcast, to which I ironically was listening during the drive home from the forum.

I think it is very important to do the homework and decide for yourself whether you care about climate change.

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