Impressed with Cloze

I’ve been playing with the beta product for Cloze, one of our new investments.  I know I’m biased, but this really changes how I use email and manage my contacts.  Very slick product.  Wow.   I”ve been interacting with it most of the morning.

Founders Dan Foody and Alex Coté are onto something.

Here’s the value prop:

  • All your email/contacts history for all accounts, online, in one place
  • Context for every contact
  • Syncing across all your devices

For me, I find that updating my contacts is a real pain, given the devices I own.  Cloze adds contacts automatically and syncs them to all of my devices and across all of my email accounts and contacts databases.

Adding our hosted Exchange 2003 server required some Q&A with Cloze support, but was so simple to do once I figured it out.  Linking to my Gmail and Yahoo accounts and social networks was a snap.  I’m now uploading all of my old Outlook PST files.

I really like how it automatically pulls info and pictures from Linked In and Facebook so I get a full view of people I’ve emailed.  Given that I meet a lot of people, remember faces very well but not names, this is great for me.  So if someone I met at a conference years ago emails me, I quickly can remember who that person is.  I see his/her picture and can scan old emails that Cloze automatically serves up.

Searching for old emails on my iPhone or iPad is frustrating and slow, but now I’ve been “going to the Cloze cloud” and it’s very fast.

It’s early, but I suspect start-up founders, recruiters, sales reps, VCs, brokers, lawyers and anyone else who does a lot of networking will like this product.

Click here to learn more, if you can.  It’s free.

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  1. So how exactly did you link your Exchange account? I’m having problems linking mine. Any help would be appreciated.

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