‘Craigslist Joe’: Living on the Streets for a Month

I recently watched a cool movie called Craigslist Joe.

Would you be able to live for a month while relying only on the kindness of others? In other words, with no money and with only the clothes on your back, could you find safety, food and shelter?  Well, this documentary chronicles such a tale:

29-year-old Joseph Garner cut himself off from everyone he knew and everything he owned, to embark on a bold adventure. Armed with only a laptop, cell phone, toothbrush, and the clothes on his back – alongside the hope that community was not gone but just had shifted – Joe lived for a month looking for alms in America’s new town square: Craigslist. For 31 December days and nights, everything in his life would come from the Craigslist website. From transportation to food, from shelter to companionship, Joe would depend on the generosity of people who had never seen him and whose sole connection to him was a giant virtual swap meet.

Joe found that by making himself vulnerable, he connected with many, many people in a very deep way. It wasn’t easy for him. He lost a lot of weight and slept on the streets some nights. But, it was incredible to see complete strangers show him so much mercy and love.

It’s a great movie, and I’d encourage you to watch it.  It’s on Netflix. The trailer is below (or click here).

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