Derek Black and Matthew Stevenson

This is an interesting podcast from On Being. (Their podcasts sometimes have not been “on” for me, but this one is).

Derek Black was the heir apparent to one of the country’s most prominent and activist white-supremacist families, which believed that a Zionist conspiracy controlled the world (among other beliefs).

His father founded the web’s first and largest white-power website, and David Duke was his Godfather. He believed that all non-whites should be deported.

Derek eventually renounced the movement, and his family in turn renounced him.

Why? He started going to Shabbat dinners. Matthew Stevenson invited him. Derek had the courage to go, the two became friends, and Derek started to see things from a different POV.

The podcast host interviews both Derek and Matthew. It is very interesting and full of insights.

All of us have biases. I know I do. It’s very important to recognize them and work hard to check them.

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