Dueling Pianos

People who know over 700 songs are amazing.

Last night, our oldest child and I went to a “piano dueling” event, a first for me. Two piano players take requests from the audience and play, sing, and joke with the crowd.

Country, 1950s, rock, disco. Anything. I asked for the 20-minute version of “Free Bird” but was shut down.

I went because our oldest child nearly every day plays improv piano for fun, composing music on the fly and doing some cool riffs.  He also can hear a song and just play it.

I also went because I know one of last night’s musicians, Justin Klosek. Our families know each other. I know well his sister, Merrill, and I long have heard about his musical abilities.

But, little did I know.

The Justin I know is a Princeton graduate who has had some very successful stints at two hedge funds. He hits a golf ball straight and true. He is a very nice guy.

I Googled him and learned that he used to play every Friday night at a piano bar for fun. And, that he can play and sing over 700 hundred songs from memory, perfectly each time.

So, it was a lot of fun to see him play and sing, to lead the crowd and get them up on their feet to dance. I left after a few hours. Justin kept going. He didn’t take one break. They played and sang song after song after song. I suspect they were in “flow.”

At one point, they played a Violent Femmes song, which took me back to Saybrook College.

A very fun evening. Amazing to see so much talent.

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