Sold-Out in a Day: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and NEVCA’s C.A. Webb

I’m really happy to write that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is coming to Boston to speak. The New England VC Association (NEVCA) is hosting the event. We found out that Sheryl was going to be in town, and so, we asked if she could spare some time.

NEVCA announced the event this morning.  As of 4 pm today, 95% of the tickets already have sold.

Sheryl will be speaking mostly about her new book and there will also be a Q&A session. As I’ve blogged in the past (and have linked to her TED talk there), she has an important message to deliver: why aren’t there more women executives and entrepreneurs?

Also, many people don’t realize that NEVCA Exec. Director C.A. Webb did an incredible amount of heavy lifting in just a few days while on vacation in the U.K.  She got the NEVCA board’s approval, secured sponsors, found back-up funding, worked with Sheryl’s team, and pre-sold a bunch of event tickets.

Look out, Boston: C.A. Webb is in town!



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