Finding Shared Values

We just finished our Annual Meeting with our investors. That’s when our LPs fly in and get an in-person update on our portfolio and hear from some of our companies.

I love our investors. I always feel the same way after our meeting: excited, grateful, and humbled. 

One thing I said impromptu when I introduced one of our CEOs is this: people with shared values and experiences eventually find each other. This is a CEO who has perseverance and has overcome many challenges in life. 

What I mean by that is this: there’s a consistent vibe, honestly, within Kepha, with our investors, and among our portfolio companies. 

Eric, Ed, and I are different personalities, but we’ve all had to persevere through challenging pasts and work really hard. Nearly all of our investors have the same background. Our portfolio company founders are the same. 

We are a firm with its own culture. We are ourselves. 

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