My new blog

I am married and a father to four children.  We have our usual ups and downs. But there is incredible love and self-sacrifice in the home, mostly because of my wife’s generosity. I love my family.

My other job is I help build ventures. I work as a VC with entrepreneurs on their tech start-ups, and began doing so in 1998.  My job is my hobby and is my passion. I know I am lucky.

I work at a venture capital firm called Kepha Partners. We focus on early stage investing. I love working with my colleagues and our companies.  Since starting Kepha, I now am also an entrepreneur.

Why this blog?  The first reason is personal.  After reading a biography of Steve Jobs, I realized that a blog would be a great way to share with my children what I do. And, after I have died, it hopefully can contain memories, observations, and lessons learned that they will find valuable. So, I write for them.

The second is for entrepreneurs.  We work with great founders, some of whom have created billions of dollars of value, and we have a team with over 50 years of operating experience and over 30 years in venture capital. Our perspective may be helpful to entrepreneurs. So, I write for them, too.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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