[Food Friday]: Boutique Coffee Shops

I think we are in a “golden age” for coffee in Boston, with the ascendancy of small, quirky and craft-minded coffee shops.

When I first moved to town in the late 1980s, there wasn’t much on the scene. It was mostly a sea of over-roasted coffee and meh corporate chains. Now, there’s much choice. Very cool.

There are so many awesome places, from 1369 in Central Square to Sonsie in Back Bay to Voltage in Kendall. Here are two great places that are off-the-beaten path and about which you should know if you like coffee:

  • 3 Little Figs: In Somerville, a quick walk from Porter Square, is this amazing hotspot. Cold-brewed coffee ready to go, an excellent food menu that includes Greek yogurt, prosciutto and egg sandwiches, and baked-on-prem muffins and pastries. MEM Tea. Artsy light fixtures. Perhaps I’m biased because they were playing New Order the first time I was there, and the ensuing time became a Top 10 Day of the Year, but I love the vibe there.
  • George Howell Coffee: He’s back. After selling his Coffee Connection stores to Starbucks and letting his non-compete run its course, Howell has opened a little shop in Newton. He roasts his own coffee and is supplying other shops, such as Crema in Cambridge. Excellent espresso. A unique roasting style, leading to multi-dimensional tones and acidity. Baristas Diana, Jonathan and the others have a delicate touch and are super-nice. I love their cappuccinos and chocolate croissants (see photo). I’m there almost every day.

Best wishes for a wonderful Columbus Day weekend. Hope you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

Go Sox!

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