Food Friday: Dumpling Daughter

As much as Homer Simpson is into donuts, so am I into homemade dumplings.

I was absolutely delighted to have a lunch meeting today at a new Chinese restaurant in Weston. Yes, in preppy Weston with its minimum two-acre lots, there’s now actually amazing Chinese food.

The place is called Dumpling Daughter, and I met the owner, Nadia Liu Spellman. She features her mother’s homestyle recipes. We both reminisced about “mom’s cooking” and how very little hits the spot like foods with which you grew up.

My guest and I ordered the Beijing noodles and asked for the “hand pulled” white noodles (amazing), the ramen (also good), and two orders of dumplings, both steamed and pan-fried (I could eat those by the dozen).

The restaurant is apparently already “hot” and it certainly was packed when I was there.

A great meal, and I will be back! Great to meet you, Nadia….

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