Friday Nights

What a week!

Ericsson announced this week that they are buying one of our companies (about which I will blog at a later date), and so, there has been a flurry of messages from well-wishers and our awesome investors.

I don’t know about you, but Friday night often creeps up on me, suddenly. After many, many calls and meetings, I suddenly shift gears quickly upon Friday night. I hit that proverbial wall of Jello and suddenly slow down. My brain downshifts.

Our family is gathered this night over takeout pizza and pasta. Beer for the grown-ups. Two of us are getting ready to go the Celtics game. One of our children is plowing through the Harry Potter books and asking questions about the plot twists. The older children are chiming in, careful not to reveal plot spoilers. One child has a fever and the rest of us are getting over a tough virus.

So, a fairly typical Friday night for us.

It is a good time. None of our children has left yet for college and youngest one is pretty independent at this point. I suspect my wife and I will look back one day and see this time as the “golden years”. No diapers, and, often, super-interesting conversations with our children.

I hope you’re all able to unwind tonight, too. Enjoy the evening.

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