One of the benefits of rising early is the views.

At daybreak, there are a few minutes, maybe five, when some amazing colors unveil along the horizon. You don’t really plan for it, but, if you happen to be outside, you’ll glimpse an amazing palette of colors.

Here is a shot from yesterday. I was making a quick pit stop during a long drive to the river. Notice the U-Haul trucks at the bottom of the frame!

These moments are ephemeral. These moments are almost secret-like, as you’re usually alone. Few people are up and out that early. Unfortunately, the photos never do justice. So, I enjoy these glimpses.

For holiday, we again will be going on a family biking trip in the mountains. So, I’m up early most days to work out with the hopes that my cardiovascular stamina can be there when needed. Am hoping, therefore, to see more glimpses.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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