Good Times

My kids decided to sleep in, and so, I had two hours to fish this morning before the drive home. I was fortunate to land quite a few, including some large ones.

After releasing the last fish, I sat down on a boulder in the river. Here is an unfiltered photo of my view.

I am very grateful for family, fly fishing and our nation. We are fortunate to have so much public water in New England. In some states, and in much of Europe, the best waters are private.

We had a great family fly fishing trip. We had a lot of fun fishing the river and a lake, as well as playing cards and Words with Friends. Even the four-hour drive home was fun, as we played music from one of the kids’ phones and were a bit amped up. As we often do after trips up north, we stopped by our favorite Vietnamese restaurant on the way back. Good times were had by all.

I already am looking forward to next year’s trip!

Best wishes for a wonderful and safe July 4th….

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