Happy Holidays (and, Help)

De Niall Isle CollageMerry Christmas and happy holidays!

This Christmas morning, we are in a relaxed-but-busy mode. I’m cooking a fair amount today, including cinnamon rolls (from a can), cranberry-pumpkin bread for lunch, and a standing beef rib roast, sides and two desserts for dinner.

We are doing Christmas gifts a bit different this year. Each family member is responsible for buying two stocking stuffers for everyone else. So, there’s been a flurry of furtive holiday shopping and gift-wrapping, and we’ll open presents sometime later today after Church.

If you’re in a giving mode, consider helping out some friends of friends, Michael and Adrianne Niall. They are wiped out financially. Give here. Michael worked on some of our cars, and he was very thoughtful, diligent and honest. A photo of their children, from their family blog, is up top. Here’s a note from them:

Our lives have been in great turmoil and transition since early in the year.  Many of you know this through Facebook and our blog.  We have tried to make the best decisions for our family but unfortunately, some of the largest ones were not so good.  Our bad business decisions have crippled us financially.  It was the decision of starting and trying to expand our car mechanic business that pushed us into a free fall….

We have to be out of our house by the end of January and are not sure where we will be able to go yet. Adrianne and the children may have to stay with her mother in Maine for a few months so we can save money….

No amount is too small in helping to alleviate some of the great pressure we are under.  We would like to at least pay off one of our essential bills: heat, electric, phone or rent (they are sadly beyond our means).  It will help us get a fresh start when we move into a new apartment.

Everyone needs a hand from time to time.

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