Harvey Weinstein: More Questions Than Answers

I read the NY Times and New Yorker articles (here and here) about Harvey Weinstein. The Daily Podcast interview with one of the actresses (here) chronicles a very harrowing evening.

And, I just don’t get it.

If the allegations are true, Weinstein’s actions are not just immoral, they are illegal. How could so many people in Hollywood enable him for so long?

And, how did he think word eventually would not get out? Why would he so brazenly self-sabotage his career and family life for some cheap thrills, while at the same time unleashing trauma on so many women?

In the media, we have seen in the past year reports of sexual harassment by quite a few people in power, from news anchors to VCs to presidential candidates.

Do they really think they are untouchable? Do they have no empathy for their victims?

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