Forgiveness after the Holocaust?

I saw last weekend an interesting documentary called “Hiding and Seeking.” The film chronicles an Orthodox Jewish family’s journey back to the old country, but also, back in time.

The narrator and his wife both have parents who survived the Holocaust.  They take their grown sons back to the small eastern European towns where family members lived before World War II.

They find an ancestor’s tomb stone, the remains of a synagogue, and locations in the towns where Jews were arrested and executed after the Nazis invaded.  The villagers knew what was happening to the Jews–and, most did nothing.

But, the narrator also finds some courageous people.  They track down a Gentile farmer and his wife, who risked their lives to hide three Jewish brothers in their barn for over two years.   At one point, the Nazis searched the barn and were within a few feet of finding the brothers.

One of those brothers is the narrator’s still-living father-in-law.  There is an amazing scene at the end where the two extended families reunite.

It is a great movie and worth watching.

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