Hitting the Road: A Reddit Thread

There’s an incredible dialogue going on right now here on Reddit.

Someone has hit rock bottom. He posted that he is going to hit the road for a few months:

I’ve had a few great loves in my life. One of them is fishing, the rest of them are gone….

One by one the things I had taken for granted started to go in strange, new directions. My girlfriend found out she was losing her job, and then I lost mine. I started employment at a new place very quickly, she didn’t. See, unbeknownst to me, she had been unhappy for a while…. She left me….

I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I woke up, went to work, came home, and tried to fill the rest of the time with anything I could…. I couldn’t sit in front of the phone or the computer anymore. After a particularly frustrating day, I realized it had to be my last.

I am leaving soon on a trip with many purposes.

I am traveling from Florida to the border of Canada…. I will fly fish in every state along the way. I want to learn and grow from the various cultures and people I will meet. I’ll surf couches, If anyone will let me. I’ll sleep in my car. I’ll explore whatever I want, like I’ve always wanted to. My little slice of the world will be here when I get back. I want to have an Adventure.

What’s amazing is that 70 strangers in just one day have responded, offering help, empathy, a couch on which to sleep, beer, and companionship on their local, favorite rivers. I’ve found that community is super-important. And, here is an example of a “virtual” community assembling on the spot to help a stranger.

I found the post to be brave and the comments to be generous, and so, wanted to share them with you.

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