The fastest-growing demographic in fly fishing? Women (more here). And, I think that’s a good thing.

Here is a very amazing video by a noted film maker, Todd Moen. His work is always beautifully-produced, from the visuals to the music. They are true pieces of art.

This video profiles some women who have been battling cancer. A non-profit, called Casting for Recovery, teaches fly fishing skills and takes out anglers on group trips. It’s become a thing. Project Healing Waters, for example, targets veterans suffering from PTSD. Many of them say that fly fishing has been the most effective way for them to recover.

I find that is magical to be outside, wade in the water, and see beautiful fish. The calm punctuated episodically by the jolt of lightning at the end of your line when a fish is on. I always come back from an outing feeling refreshed and renewed.

I’ve made so many friends on the rivers. It is a very diverse group of people, and there really is a feeling of community.

As one of the anglers in the above video said (who unfortunately passed away while the film was being produced), “fishing is hope.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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