I’m Jo, and I’m a Recovering ENTJ

A bit ago, I put into my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles that I am “a recovering ENTJ.” It’s a bit of a joke but there’s a serious point behind it all.

I’m a huge fan of the Myers-Briggs personality framework and questionnaire (more here). When I first learned about it at b-school, I was struck by how accurately it seemed to describe me.

But, I also realize that each Myers-Briggs personality type has both strengths and weaknesses. Yes, I tend to be organized, driven, and outbound-oriented, but I also can be impatient and unsympathetic. I can prize efficiency over empathy.

So, I try to be mindful of both. And, I try to remind myself of my tendencies every day.

Each personality type has strengths and weaknesses. I often say that people are like two-sided coins: traits that lead to their greatest strengths also lead to their greatest weaknesses. In fact, I would argue that what you love most about your Significant Other leads to what you like least about that person. Both sides come as a package. You cannot have one without the other. Both sides are part of the same coin.

I think understanding, and accepting, that phenomenon is the key to long-term relationships. And, being more empathetic with yourself.

2 thoughts on “I’m Jo, and I’m a Recovering ENTJ

  1. Jo, this is a great post. I’ve been a huge fan of Myers-Briggs as well, likely you and I took it at the same time, or even the same day!. We’ve all taken it in our group here and enthusiastically share sites like “the definition of hell for your myers briggs personality”. I’ve even had my 12-year old daughter take it (she loved it too). But I’ve really come to appreciate the need to explore the other side of the coin as you put it, for example, channeling my “P” to find creative solutions to portfolio company challenges, or my “F” to understand why people are making decisions that may not make much logical sense. Still working on figuring out why almost 100% of my close friends are “N’s” and always have been. Hmmmm.


    1. Jen, so great to hear from you! Yes, we all probably took it same day during Year One. Wish I had access to this data during my dating years!

      Hope you and the family are well. Visited Nashville for the first time a few years ago–and, absolutely fell in love with the music and BBQ scene. Heck of a town there. If you’re ever in Boston, LMK? Bunch of us are here, including so many Section G folks….

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