In the Beginning

After whooshing and swishing down some trails this morning at Killington, we passed through the beginners’ area as we headed to the lodge for lunch. 

I smile every time we do so. Many years ago, when I was 22, my first ski runs were in that area. It was extremely painful and exhausting, but I had a great time. 

I was part of a young adult Bible study back then. About two dozen people. All of us were a year or two out of college and belonged to all sorts of Christian denominations. 

It was really fun. We talked about various parts of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. We also did social events on the weekends. The group eventually grew to about 50 people. 

So, there was a weekend ski trip to Killington, and knowing nothing about anything about skiing, I went along. 

I remember Matt McIlwain cooking a huge and awesome pasta dinner for all of us. I remember a sauna room. I remember everyone being so energetic and positive about everything. 

To this day, some of us stay in touch. Matt is now a senior partner at Madrona Ventures, and he and I were on the same panel a few years ago. Jon McNeill is now Tesla’s head of global sales, and we periodically ping each other. 

And, a young lady and I started dating a few months after that ski trip and are now married.

Time flies. 

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