Inaugural “Coffee Connect with a VC”

Yesterday, the New England VC Association (NEVCA) sponsored the first “Coffee Connect with a VC.”  I’ve written before here about my hopes to make the VC community more accessible during my two-year term on the NEVCA Board.

We led with one of our strongest folks, North Bridge’s Jamie Goldstein, who has started two companies and has been a VC since 1998.  He also is President of NEVCA (see photo to the left).

I’m happy to report that we had a large turnout, had a huge waiting list, and are hopeful that entrepreneurs enjoyed the chance to meet with Jamie and ask various questions.

We’ll be doing this event monthly, with rotating VCs, going forward.  Our next Coffee will be with life sciences VC Stephen Kraus of Bessemer. To learn more, go to our MeetUp group. Join the group, and MeetUp will send you the details for the Coffee with Steve, once we’ve finalized the date.

It’s a tight fit to accommodate 20 or so people around a table, but it made for a fun and energetic discussion (see photo below). I hope to see you at one of the events!


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