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There’s an impressive and pretty complicated NY Times graphic (here) that tracks job gains/losses by industry sector. If you’re at all interested in economic trends as an entrepreneur or investor, it’s worth looking at. (BTW, it’s best viewed on a desktop screen.)

Some of the losing sectors predictably include photo shops, housing and newsprint/magazines, but I was surprised to find that manufacturing jobs in the tech-related communications and computer segments have decreased.

Some of the winning sectors include various parts of the tech economy, but did you know that nail salons and pet grooming/boarding/training stores have exploded their employment rolls?

In short, even during the recession, Americans made time and money for small luxuries, both for themselves and their pets. The data made me think of Foundry’s investment in, the dog-sitting marketplace.

The graphic is worth looking at if you’re looking to target growing consumer segments with your start-up. It’s always easier to be in the markets where the tide is rushing in.

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