‘Just Mercy,’ the Movie

For a thoughtful and poignant movie, look no further than Just Mercy, which is based on Bryan Stevenson’s book of the same name.

A sub-group of our family saw it yesterday and really enjoyed it. This is a “real life” story about a man was framed for a murder and put on death row and the young lawyer who worked tirelessly to see that justice was accomplished.

After hearing Stevenson interviewed in a podcast last year, I bought and read his book (and, wrote about both here). So, I eagerly awaited the movie.

The acting and dialogue in the movie were great. Jamie Foxx gives a very moving account. I highly recommend the movie (and, the book). Below, is a trailer, as well as Stevenson’s very popular TED Talk.

It was serendipitous, but it was a fitting movie to see on Martin Luther King, Jr., weekend, as our nation honors a great man and the ideals for which he gave his life.

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