Kicking Off My 4th of July

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend.

I decided to fly fish and hit a river in Western Massachusetts. Landed 15 trout, including a 17″ one (the second photo, if you scroll down).

When fish come out of the water, they glisten with bright colors. It’s momentary, as I release all the fish I catch, and if you keep a fish, its colors fade quickly. It’s really hard to capture on film how stunning a trout looks, but here’s a video that tries (below, or click here).

The bite really picked up around 5 pm, and I decided to stay until dark. An amazing scene. Mist rose from the water. Bugs rose everywhere, like a huge snowfall, but in reverse. Fish splashed all around me. Trees looked sinister as darkness cloaked everything. I reeled up and started to walk back. Fireflies greeted me, lights pulsating from their bodies. An early preview of fireworks.

Drove away at 9 pm, wishing there was more daylight.

A safe holiday for all….


2 thoughts on “Kicking Off My 4th of July

  1. Great job my friend. If you have any stills, please forward them to me.
    Have a safe 4th

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