Labor Day 2018

Yesterday, we dropped off our son at college. Having done this a few times, I feel that we have a system well in place. The move went very smoothly, and it was great to see his new room and meet some of his suite-mates.

As is our tradition, Mrs. T. and I afterwards went out for a bite to eat, a respite involving food therapy. A new ramen place has opened up in Providence, RI, which we tried. And, how could you turn down ice cream on a hot day? We didn’t.

As we ate, I realized that the emotional toll of saying goodbye to one of your children becomes easier over time. But, it never becomes easy. It still hurts.

Schedules worked out so that I could fish this morning. The day started with a lot of fog and became an absolute roaster later on with loads of high humidity and hot sun. Even though I was wading in a cool river, I still was sweating a ton.

Nevertheless, it was wonderful to be outside. It let me think less about saying goodbye to our college-aged children, and I felt refreshed.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather and the holiday!

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