Last Night’s Patriots Game

I didn’t watch it. It took a lot of mental effort.

Don’t get me wrong, for I love watching football. And, I almost gave in. But, here’s what I was thinking:

  • The “flow” author talked about how watching TV is leisure-ful, but that it doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled
  • Based on statistical projections at, last night was going to be a very tight game. And, I’ve seen the Patriots often not play well when in Denver. So, I had a feeling this was going to be a high-stress game, even if they won. I’d be too amped to go to bed if they won, and I’d be too frustrated to go to bed if they lost
  • I decided not to make the emotional investment and stay up late on a Sunday night, which will make me feel off-kilter for a few days. I have too much to do on Mondays
  • I feel most things are not worth the emotional investment. I increasingly am guarding my choices. Easy to say, hard to do

I will stay up late for the playoff games, but not last night.

It is tough if the Patriots have to compete against the referees, too. I watched the highlights this morning. So many bogus calls.

I think this NSFW video of Bill Belichick sums up what Patriots Nation is thinking right now.

This loss will only make them more determined, IMO.

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