Leaving the Nest

I’ve entered a new phase of parenting. Frankly, it can be a struggle.

A majority of our children are now teenagers. Their needs for independence and personal freedoms are understandable. For the most part, that for me has been pretty easy. I try to bite my tongue, I try to be less judgmental.

What’s been hard has been the physical separation. We’re not taking a family summer vacation this year, as schedules are pretty hectic. Here is one child’s summer:

  • Music composition camp in Illinois (1 week)
  • STEM classes in Colorado (3 weeks)
  • Service project in New Orleans (1 week)
  • Running camp (1 week)
  • Sleep-away youth conference (long weekend)

Oh, and there’s driver’s ed. and studying for, and taking, two SAT Subject tests.

So, you get the idea.

It most definitely is rewarding to see a child grow up, develop, and be more independent. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, as I choose to look at The Bright Side.

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