Making Do

I was in the car by 5 a.m., coffee ready, podcasts downloaded, and a PB&J sandwich in the next seat. I drove the 75 min. to the river in the dark. The goal was to be well on the water before the sun peeked up.

The temperature outside was 9 °F as I parked on a dirt road. I opened the trunk…and saw that I had forgotten my waders. That’s like going to Logan for a flight to Europe and forgetting your passport.

Most avid anglers report this happening at least once in their lives, and I previously had dodged this happenstance. I’ve now joined that club.

I drove back home on a quiet road. When I returned back to the house, no one was yet awake. The biggest surprise was that I wasn’t too disappointed. It was a very peaceful drive as I listened to some riveting podcasts. And, it was very pretty to drive east as the sun arose.

So, I’ve decided to make Sunday dinner today, a pork chili verde, and I’ll go to Mass this afternoon rather than tomorrow. Time-shift my obligations and just make do.

I will fish tomorrow.

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