Mass at Notre Dame

We headed over to the Notre Dame basilica this evening for Mass. It was hot and humid, and some of us were flagging in our heat-retaining Sunday clothes.

Upon arrival, however, we were greeted with the beautiful sounds of church bells and a rapt crowd enjoying the music. From everywhere, and all around us, we were surrounded by the clangs, which blocked out nearly all other noise. Truly amazing.

Here, and up top, is a video clip, which I found online. A great way to arrive at Notre Dame and hear an amazing call to worship.

This reminded me of a song from Pocahontas, about how life can be like a journey down a river (more here). You never know what is around the river bend.

We were worried we would be late to Mass. And, then, out of nowhere came the bells. They gave me tremendous peace and joy.

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