Mobile Apps Don’t Pay

Mobile is “hot” again. I have been meeting with a lot of entrepreneurs in the space. Very few are making money.

The average paid mobile app earns only five dollars a month.

Yesterday, I met with an entrepreneur who has an app in the top 20% in the App Store. He makes about $1200 a month. That’s it.

We hear at Kepha believe in mobile. But, we also focus closely on business models. Building an app is one thing, building a business is another. Audience aggregation is hard, monetization is even more difficult.

But, there is tremendous potential and opportunity out there. You just have to be careful and thoughtful.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Apps Don’t Pay

  1. Your entrepreneur “has an app in the top 20% in the App Store” – top 20% could mean a rank of 100,000 given the total number of apps in the App Store.

    If “top 20%” was supposed to be “top 20” (in any category), even then it still doesn’t mean that mobile apps don’t pay if this is a “top 20” app in a thinly-trafficked category.

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