Montana Friday

Well, we are gearing up to leave for a two-week trip. We’ll be visiting my sister-in-law and her family.

Here’s the set-up: 12 people. 1 house. Rural Montana.

I’m going to do something which I’ve not done since starting Kepha in 2006: I’m not going to check email on this vacation. I’m not even going to bring my laptop. Previously, I’ve checked email every vacation day. My work with my exec. coach is challenging me to ask: will the world truly end if I don’t check email?

This will be a huge personal challenge for me. I suspect others with the ENTJ Myers-Briggs profile can relate.

So, I’ve emailed all of my CEOs telling them that I’m available on mobile phone whenever they need me, but I won’t be checking email. I’ll have the typical “out of town” email notification notice when people write in. Our CFO is around in case our investors need anything. So, if I don’t respond to emails quickly, please don’t be insulted.

I’m looking forward to this time to be with family. I’m looking forward to fly fishing as much as I can. I hope to land legions of trout.

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