More on Marriage

Marriage is a hot topic on this blog.

I a few days ago wrote about a New York Times article and made some observations about conflict in marriages. I wrote about how, IMO, most marriages eventually hit one of four major issues. I call them The Big Four: sex, money, in-laws, and how to discipline children.

I also wrote about how only successful marriages hit The Big One, that one issue among the four on which both parties are deadlocked and for which an easy solution is not possible. Every other issue is worked out through a process of elimination, leaving that one significant issue left on the table.

I was surprised to see afterwards that the post generated a huge number of page views. So, I’ve been thinking further about the topic.

Rather than write a second post, I decided to add to the original one. Here is the link. I added more details and tried to articulate how a couple should try to navigate through The Big One.

I think there is always hope, and it’s good to realize that most things look better in the morning. I guess that message of hope is appropriate this Easter Sunday.

A Happy Easter to all.

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