There is a very good article on motherhood in today’s New York Times, called “The Birth of a Mother.”

When a child is born, the focus tends to be on the baby. But, parents change drastically. Before our son graduated high school, the school asked parents to meet as a group with a child-development expert. He talked about how people’s brains, both male and female, are literally re-wired when a child is born.

Marriage re-wires you, he said, but having a child really re-wires you. The brain undergoes the greatest change in one’s post-adolescent life.

I’m thinking of that talk, as the article also mentions how being a mother creates the most significant physical and physiological changes in a woman’s life.

So, thank you to all mothers on this Mother’s Day! Thank you, Mrs. T., for being such an amazing parent to our children. You’ll eat well tonight!

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