My Bad Back and Social Media

I took a bad fall while skiing during the winter holidays. I should know better than to keep up with my speedy and nimble children, who ski so effortlessly and with insane speed.

Days later, I’m in a lot of pain. My usual bad back pills aren’t helping at all, and I wake up often at night due to back spasms.

So, I turned to Facebook and Twitter and asked whether anyone has tried acupuncture. Very quickly, many suggestions and opinions came in. I’m touched that people would take the time to give such good advice, with offers to provide the names of various care providers.

Tomorrow, I will see an acupuncturist for the first time. And, I’m grateful to all of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

2 thoughts on “My Bad Back and Social Media

  1. My sister deals with a great deal of pain and has a great acupuncturist in Cambridge, let me know if you want that contact info.

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