My Father’s Day

What a great Father’s Day so far. I fulfilled my Sunday obligations yesterday, and so, slept in.

Tied flies in the morning. Later this summer, I’m taking some of my daughters up north for our annual fly-fishing-with-Dad outing. So, I have to prep.

After a few hours, I went to the gym. Mrs. T. made a nice lunch for everyone, and her father and stepmother came over.

Now, I’m unclogging a sink. We have a new one with a pop-up stopper that needs to be de-coupled from below the sink. Thank goodness for DIY YouTube videos.

And, tonight, we go out for Thai food. Odds are low, but I might shave.

Our children in Ireland texted their Father’s Day best wishes. Our other children are now back home, and so, it is nice to have part of the family back together. They’re going to sweep the garage later today, which is the Father’s Day present I asked for. For now, our son is playing the piano, and it is great to have music back in the house.

So, it is a pretty staid day. I don’t need much excitement. Having some of my family back home is more than enough.

A good day to all fathers….

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