New Beginnings in September


I’m in Harvard Square this morning, at one of my favorite coffee places. I’m waiting to meet some entrepreneurs. The above cappuccino seems almost too pretty to touch.

Outside, it is chilly, breezy and overcast. A light rain is starting to fall. Moving trucks are appearing around town, as students begin to move back in. Harvard College kicks back in shortly.

It is a familiar feeling. As summer weather slowly starts to transition to the cool breezes of autumn, the Boston area goes through a huge shift. Students flood back into the area’s 40+ colleges. Streets are full and sidewalks abound with hustle and some bustle. Many evening networking events appear in the email stream.

It all makes me think about cycles in life. There are ebbs and flows in a day. But, also, in a calendar year.

To me, September is about new beginnings. Our house empties as our children go back to school. Weekends become full again with kids’ sports, ballet, and music recitals.

And, I start to visualize new goals, aspirations and hopes. One such goal is that I’m hoping to be more “mindful of the present.”

Rather than anticipating the next meeting, call, investment, etc., I’m going to attempt to enjoy more the moment. Rather than always feel that I’m in a rush, I want to live in the present.

So, more “Zen” and less “when?”

The whirr of the espresso machine. The touch of my iPad screen as I write this. The many, many conversations going on around me as clusters of people catch up, joke, and re-connect. The seductive aroma of coffee. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” playing on the radio. Grateful that I live in an awesome city and can do a job I love.

I really do want to be a great VC and a good person.

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